Lamb Sales

We produce our own succulent and tasty grass reared lamb (current year) and hogget (over wintered so the flavour is much richer) from our Shetlands and Norfolk Horn sheep. 

Our grass reared lamb and hogget is available in whole or half boxes.  Everything is cut, bagged, labelled and packed in a cardboard box ready for home freezing. I occasionally have a limited quantity of frozen lamb available (frozen separately with temperature checks).

Whole lamb or hogget usually weighs from 14kgs and costs £120. Half lamb or hogget is available at £65.

At the moment all lamb or hogget is collection only due to size and weight.


The standard ("Normal") cut on our whole lamb or hogget is as follows:


1 whole leg

1 whole shoulder

Leg in 2 halves

Shoulder in 2 halves

Lamb Chops (bagged in multiples of 4)

Stewing lamb (including a bag of neck chops)

Breast of lamb (bone in)





Although this is the standard cut our butcher will cut the lambs to your specific requirements on request (including some mince). Most of my customers currently opt for all joints in half and the breast meat boned and minced.

Please note that half lamb includes 1 leg and 1 shoulder plus half the amount of chops etc.


All lamb orders have to be pre-ordered although payment is always on collection.  For orders or more details please use the contact form on the website or ring 01553 828405 and ask for Lynn - You can also leave an answerphone message and I will get back to you.

The last lamb this year was 2018 rare breed Norfolk Horn. I have a few lambs in the freezer from this batch. All joints are halved and the breast is minced. They are available as half lambs or whole lambs.

There won't be any more lamb available until next autumn but I will have tasty shetland hogget available in January 2019 - Orders are now being taken.