Shetland Wool

Shetland wool is incredibly fine and versatile.  It comes in a wide range of natural colours so there is no need for dyeing. 

Our shetlands are mainly rooed which is a traditional Shetland Isles practice for collecting the fleece from the sheep.  This involves plucking the fleece at the point where last year's (old) fleece begins to break away from the current year's (new) fleece.  The sheep remain standing during the process and the fleece is sorted as it is plucked so that only the best clean fleece is put into the cotton bags.  We find that rooing gives the best fleece on the sheep when we show them - Rather than a flat shorn fleece their fleeces look more like fluffy royal icing as nature intended them.

I have a range of fine, coloured shetland fleeces for sale each year - Rooed and shorn. They are suitable for handspinning, weaving / rug making, felting etc and being naturally coloured they do not require dyeing.

Some of our shetland fleeces are collected by Naked Wool - the Shetland Sheep Wool Company and carefully processed at a privately owned mill in Yorkshire.  They are washed using biodegradable detergents which are safe for the environment and no harsh chemicals or bleaches are used.  The resulting yarn is beautifully soft and can be purchased either on its own in a range of natural colours or as knitting kits which are ideal gifts for beginners or serious knitters.  For more details, including how to purchase the wool and kits please follow the link:

We also have a limited number of shorn Norfolk Horn fleeces available each year.  These are white, beautifully thick and soft and perfect for  handspinning, dyeing, weaving or felting. 

All fleeces are sold unwashed.  They can be posted but collection is preferred.  Priced from £3 per kg. Please get in touch if you would like more details. Contact us