Stock For Sale

I have a selection of shearling ewes, ewes, ewe lambs and ram lambs and castrated "wether" lambs available for sale. 

All ewes available for sale are currently in a breeding group with Champion ram Pretty Oak Jasper and will be sold tupped. They are available for sale to new homes until January - after this time they will stay here to have their lambs and will be available for sale with lambs at foot in April/May.

Various colours and breeding. Prices are £75 for ram lambs registered with SSS (as I can get £90 net of butchery costs if I sell them in a box). Ewes available from £65 - £100 depending on age and show pedigree. Ewe lambs are £65.

I also have paddock mowers and fibre pets available @ £35 (castrated 2017 ram lambs "wethers").  They are friendly, bucket trained and have beautiful fleeces.

Please get in touch if you would like any more details. / 01553 828405 or use the contact form on this website.